Silver Pools chooses methods and superior construction materials to ensure the best possible quality in the end.

In-wall Steps are molded from a solid sheet of co-extruded Luran r S with an ABS substrate from BASF resulting in a strong, one-piece design that will never delaminate, splinter, corrode or puncture. They are backed by a full 25-year non-prorated warranty.

Deck Supports are installed no further than 2 feet apart while many competitors install them 4 feet apart.

Every return fitting, suction fitting, and skimmer is installed with its own individual pipe going all the way back to the pump and filter. This allows for better circulation and the elimination of all of the underground T-fittings, which are prone to leaking and breaking.

The 10m reinforcing steel, which is incorporated into the concrete deck around the pool, is 10 times thicker than the wire mesh used by many competitors. This helps to eliminate shifting and cracking in the concrete deck.

The use of clean washed 3/4″ gravel in the backfill area around the pool and under all concrete patio areas keeps moisture away from the concrete deck and allows for better drainage away from the swimming pool. The use of sand for this purpose is inappropriate.


  1. Concrete Deck – Reinforced with 10m Steel Bars
  2. Wall Panels 14 gauge Z-700 (ASTM 526) Galvanized Steel
  3. Aluminium Two-Track Coping
  4. Concrete Bottom – Two Layers Thick
  5. Two foot wide concrete foundation – continuous poured around pool perimeter
  6. Form-Fitted Liner (30ga)
  7. Steel Deck Supports (less than 2 feet apart)
  8. A-Frame wall support at every panel joint
  9. Vertical Braces – add additional strength to the steel wall (less than 2ft. apart)
  10. Backfill – Clean washed 3/4″ Gravel
  11. Undisturbed Soil