Silver Pools Sales & Service was founded by Bob Innes who started building pools in 1971. Bob has extensive knowledge of all of the different methods of swimming pool construction and he maintains an up-to-date working knowledge of all of the changing building codes related to swimming pools and swimming pool construction. He also is vigilant in making sure that all of the pools that we work on comply with the electrical safety code requirements.

We have one construction crew that works on your back yard from the beginning to the end under Bob’s direct supervision. Bob is on each job site every day to insure quality of construction. We have a second crew that works solely on existing pools to do general pool maintenance (pool equipment repairs, new pool heater installations, pool liner replacements, opening and closing pools). We also install hot tubs.

We make available to our clients all of the new energy saving product such as the Variable speed pumps, low salt systems,OmniLogic control panels, LED lights and robotic cleaners. Compared to older pools in your neighbourhood, you will save 75% of the electrical cost to clean and circulate your pool.

At the end of all new pool installations every new pool owner is given a tutorial with clear instructions on how to take care of their new pool. Bob makes himself available to answer questions about your pool, even on the week end.

Our office is located at 106 Church Street, Markham, Ontario, by appointment only.